Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Projects That Multiply

I honestly cannot believe it is Wednesday already!  I had three different projects that I started on Sunday and then kept adding new projects between coats of spray know, because I am too impatient to relax during the drying time.  It was VERY muggy and humidity was HIGH on Sunday (everyday here in FL) so it took forever for the paint to dry.  I wanted to make a pedestal bowl and plate and a small tray to hold candles as a center piece.  I had bought a heavy plate and candle sticks from Goodwill awhile back and the square tin came from Walmart last year.  The white painted wood piece was from my score at Ikea that I told you about here.  The other pieces of the project were wood parts from Michael's.  Oh!  And my handles were on clearance from Lowe's for $1.24 each!  I thought that was a good price...was it a good price?  My supplies:   

I forgot to take pictures, but I did prime all the pieces.  I could have skipped the priming on the pieces that I was not going to distress.  1,396 hours later, I painted them the final color.  I hand painted the primed white Ikea board black and let the primer show through so it would look distressed without me having to actually sand it.  I then sprayed on two coats of glossy polyurethane.  I liked shiny better than flat.  By the way. the beads you see in the picture WERE a great idea.  I started to spray paint them black to use on my plate stand, but I was waaaayyyy too impatient to mess with them after the first three coats.  I then used glue to attach everything together.  Here are the finished projects:

 This is now holding napkins.  It looks cute.  I have limited flat surface space, so for now it will live in my kitchen holding our napkins :)

 I love my two Dollar Tree birdies that I spray painted ivory.  <3

I will show the red shelf tomorrow.  That project was one that came about while waiting....

 The apothecary jars were made using the tutorial at Shanty2Chic.  I made these pre-blog and love them!

I tried a few different things on top of the plate, but finally decided on the eggs.  I still want to add some beads dangling under the plate because I think it is too tall and little awkward.  I love the gloss black!  If I use it to serve any food on, I will place down a doily or some type of paper. 

I will show you my other projects on Friday.  Tomorrow I'm heading to Epcot with my daughter, Haley and her Latin Club.  I'm so excited...probably won't sleep tonight!!!!!!  The BEST thing???  I have no responsibilities!!!  I'm not a chaperon, thank goodness!  I can handle chaperoning children under 10, but teenagers?  No thank you....I'll just hang with MY 17 year old :)  

Have an awesomely awesome Hump Day!


  1. I didnt even consider putin a plate on the top of my candle holdersI have 3 but didnt know what to do with them

  2. Now you know what to do with them! Thanks for commenting :)


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