Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Threw Up All Over My House

I always get impatient for craft blogs to update...then I don't update mine for three days...I'm mad at myself.  Hey!  I've had a sick kid and no followers yet, so whatever, it's my own guilt in my own head.  Anyway...

I've been loving all the Spring decor I've been seeing (yeah he's been sick, but I can still surf the 'net) and was inspired to do my own without spending much, so I did what all thrifty crafters do and headed to Dollar Tree.  I was able to make three large displays and three small ones (for friends) for less than $20!!!  I used a lot of what I already had and took advantage of The Graphics Fairy.  I LOVE that site!!  It makes me excited to decorate for other holidays and seasons, especially Halloween. 

So, I started Springification (my own word) by spray painting a dark green planter ivory.  Once it dried, I stuffed it with scrunched up newspaper to hold my sticks. 

I then stuck my tree branches (sticks picked up on a walk with my son pre-sickness) in a kind of random order down in the paper, then put a lot of hot glue around them so they would stay in position.  On my three small ones, I used my brain and put some Styrofoam in the bottom on the planters (duh).

After covering the newspaper with moss, it was time for the fun stuff, decorations.  I don't have a pic, but I bought some packs of mini eggs, regular size eggs and tulips that were BRIGHT colors.  I painted all of them in shades of pink, ivory and some navy/gray.  I then added paint splots to make them look more like bird eggs.  I also made paper flowers (probably never again since I have sore fingers from the glue gun).
I really wasn't impressed with my flower making either!  These are some images I printed off The Graphics Fairy 
You'll be able to see more prints in my following pictures. 
I got the birds at Dollar Tree too.  They are not the prettiest, but not the worst either.  I decided to keep them as is and not paint them.

 My own cloche that I made out of wood parts from Michael's and cheese tray was AWFUL, wood and tile, not cute.
 BTW, I really dislike the map picture, but my husband bought it all by himself and loves it...

More prints from The Graphics Fairy.  Did I tell you that I LOVE her site???

The three Spring baskets/trees/nests (????) I made for my three luncheon friends.  Spreading the Spring wealth, ya know??  I want everyone else's house to look like the season threw up on them too.  I'm sweet like that!

IT'S  THURSDAY!  One day closer to the weekend!  Have a good one!
Libby :)

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