Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is Friday, Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday Comes Afterwards

This morning we blared this song while taking my youngest daughter to school.  It's so awesomely BAD, but hilarious, and now it will be stuck in my head ALL day. 

                                                                        (Pottery Barn)
I really want to work on this sign over the weekend and I'm hoping I will be able to recreate it.  I really like it, but not the $249 price tag.  I have the perfect spot to hang it....what???  I have actual wall space??  No, not really, but I'm going up, up, up the wall. 

In my head, this looks like a two hour project.  Only time will tell....get it?  Two hours...only time will know that's funny....right?

Have an awesome Friday and I'll leave you with this...."Kicking it in the front seat, kicking it in the back seat, gotta make my mind up which seat I can taaaaaaaake."  Awesomely BAD

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