Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow, this was a great morning!  The little man and I slept in until 11 A.M!  (We also stayed up really, really late, but he had one of those naps where he just dropped around 4 and didn't wake up til a little after 6 P.M.  Our schedule has been really messed up lately.  Bad mommy, bad mommy...)  I also made cinnamon rolls (regular and my favorite orange) and served them on the the Easter serving dish I made last night.  YUM!  My materials were two plates I bought at Target (under $2 each) a candle stick from Michael's, some plum and vanilla paint that I had on hand and super glue.
After painting the candlestick a few coats, I decided it needed more, so I added the polka dots.  Then, I decided that I didn't really like how it looked matte and dull, so I took it out to the garage and gave it a quick coat of poly gloss.  Sorry, didn't take pics of those two steps, but I'm sure you can picture it :)

I used Gorilla Glue Super Glue to hold the parts together.  I love that stuff!!!  I added some weight to the top and let it set till morning.  Not that it needed to sit that long, but at 1 A.M. I was a little tired and went to bed.  The finished Easter dish:

Of course, it's hand wash only, but you knew that already!  Those two chicks didn't last long....Hago snatched them right up...chocolate for brunch?  I know, I know....bad mommy.

I actually made this for a friend and will be taking it to her in the morning filled with Funfetti cupcakes....can you believe she's NEVER had a funfetti cupcake???  I know they don't really taste any different than vanilla, but they are so FUN!
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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I am now your newest follower. It does look like we started our blogs about the same we will be able to encourage each other :)And I love the fun Easter serving tray!

  2. I like it! Fun and cute and very Eastery! Thanks so much for linking it up! xx

  3. Thanks everyone! I love comments!

    Carmella, I will be visiting your blog often!

  4. So super cute! I just love cake plates :) Kinda addicted to making them myself!! The polka-dots are great!!

  5. I love this Easter tray! I am going to make one for sure. Already pinned it on Pinterest, and looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for your inspiration, and I'm your newest follower!


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