Monday, April 4, 2011

From the Random World of a Free Bird

Good morning everyone!  It is Monday, yes it is.  Today I will be working on some projects and will hopefully update the blog with them later, but right now, I want to introduce you to my funky, fabulous niece Bliss.

She has been creating flower bows for quite a while now and had been selling them by word of mouth around her hometown.  She expanded her items and now includes headbands, bow holders, and tutus.  Her tutus are absolutely adorable!  Since my Hagan can't walk around in a tutu (at least not in public) I ordered a cupcake tutu for my friend, Sarah B.'s, little girl.  She loved it!

Please take some time and look at Bliss's blog, maybe it will inspire you to create something!  Cute, cute stuff!  So proud of my niece!

 And because I am also a proud mom, a pic of my daughter, Heather, modeling one of Bliss's hair accessories :)  It's small because I stole it off Bliss's Facebook, hee hee hee.
Here's the link for her blog, please visit and leave a comment!  She's a new blogger too!  From the Random World of a Free Bird

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