Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Yard Sale Finds

Well, I didn't end up putting my stuff out to sell at the community yard sale today :(  And now, I regret it immensely.  Boo.  I should have at least tried and I could have been firm on the prices....okay, done with my pity party, moving on...I found these great items for less than 20 bucks!  They have POTENTIAL.
 In the following picture on the left, you will notice moss on the floor.  Yeah, fourteen year old boys who are all long arms, big feet and really goofy around fourteen year old girls, have a tendency to destroy everything within said long arms distance.  My Easter tree bit the dust....with help from goofy 14 year old boy.  I know, I know, one day I'll turn around and my "lil terrorist" will be that awkward, goofy 14 year old boy.....yikes and please pray for me ;)
 The two large frames were only $5 each!  5 bucks a piece!  I thought that was a VERY good price considering my trip to GW last week where I couldn't find any plain frames with art for less than $10 each and they weren't even that big!  GW can be a little overpriced I've noticed....The cute "beach club" frame was only 2 bucks!
I bought the two scones and the candle thingy for 5 bucks and the little frame guessed it, 50 cents.  I have BIG plans for that little frame that I saw on another blog last night.  When I do the redo, I will link to her blog but right now, the name is escaping me :/  Blame it on the heat....or my age...or cold medicine...take your pick! 

BTW, thanks for all the advice about etsy!  I'm going to check it out later and do some research.  Also, I'm trying to fix my nonreply issue I'm having when I leave comments on others blogs....still can't figure it out!

Have a super Saturday!
Libby :) 

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