Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I don't like call myself a stalker, BUT I do check out this chick's blog FIRST every morning.  I kinda like her a lot.  She is Vivienne at The V Spot and she is AWESOME!  She describes herself as half-Italian and half-Redneck.....now really, how much more hilarious can you get?  Not only is she super witty, smart-allecky, and straightforward, she also does really cool stuff that inspires me. 
Like this cool chandy.  She paints and decorates it for every season!  It hangs OUTSIDE her house!  Very creative and now I want to do that too!
A dresser off of Graig's List for $25 with cowhide?  Yes, please!  Plus, her last name begins with "W" and so does mine.  Plus, plus, she made that family rules sign.  Honestly, I could go on and on about her, but that would ruin YOUR fun or discovering her yourself :)
SO, go straight to The V Spot.  Go!  Now!  Do it!  Do it now!  And pretty please tell her I sent you :)

Libby :)


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  1. Libby! Thank you for the love! You completely made my day. :)


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