Sunday, April 3, 2011

TWINKLE, TWINKLE (no! not that kind, you know) LITTLE STAR

I am SUPER proud of Hagan!  He has made it through two days with no potty accidents!  Most people would say this should have happened a year ago, I mean, he does turn four in August, but to be honest....maybe it was me keeping him a baby as long as I could.  Shame, shame on me!  I just wasn't in the mood to make him stress over using the "big kid" potty....anyway....that is not what my post is about.  I am just happy that it is going so well right now!  

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a song I've been singing to Hagan since he was born and it is THE favorite song I love to hear him sing.  He adds a few extra words and it is adorable.  After a looooooong afternoon/evening of yard work (weeding the flower bed = blah and a throbbing back (yes, I feel way older than I am, boo)), Hagan was just as wiped out as I was.  After his bath, I convinced him to let me rock him.  Boy, did that take me back to many, many nights rocking and singing lullaby's to him.  Then my brain clicked, so I decided to make a sign....subway style, of course!

My materials:  stencils, a board from my Ikea stash, NEW, NEW Martha Stewart paint samples from Home Depot.  (I went there to get flowers, sod, and grass killer...this shows you how sick I am.  Anyone who has visited Home Depot can tell you that those areas are nowhere near each other.  I was drawn to

In these boards, there are pre-drilled holes for whatever furniture it was intended to be.  Only on one end...I have no idea....It kind of took a long time because I had to wait for the paint to dry before laying down the next stencil letter......who am I kidding, I had the blow dryer working this baby!  Still, it took me an hour and 20 minutes from start to finish.  That doesn't sound like very long, but I think it is for a project this small.  If only I had a Silhouette.....

I was not happy with how it was turning out.  The letters were a little wonky and I had to freehand the star....kept going anyway...this is before sanding.

I sanded the piece and added a ribbon through the holes and here she is:

 I couldn't get a really good pic because it's past my bedtime and dark and I don't know how to use my daughter's fancy camera.  I don't love it...I may try to sell it...or paint over it...or forget that it exists.  I love my new paint samples though!  The yellow is "Cornbread" and the salmony color is "Persimmon Red."  The sign looks better in person and I just realized that I used girly colors and called it a "her."  I guess my secret is out....I'm counting down the days until I see my granddaughter (she hasn't been born yet :)) and rock her and sing her lullaby's.  C'mon end of April!!!

Tomorrow I will be featuring my niece's blog and some of her VERY cool creations!  So excited to introduce you to her!

Happy sleeping!

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