Wednesday, May 11, 2011


CRAFT FAIL ALERT!!!!!  I finally received my Mother's Day present that my husband bought for me and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, but my current art hanging above our bed doesn't match or even "go with" the new duvet.  After browsing Pinterest, (I finally got an invite!) I found inspiration from this pillow found at French Knot
I love it and thought I would put that saying on a large sign to hang above our bed.  I found the perfect board from my Ikea stash and picked some colors that are in the bedding....

 It took me a good 45 minutes to cut out these letters.  Looks good so far, right?
Then, I proceeded to glue the letters down and then stared at it for a few hours.  The white letters looked stark and like I had cut them out of paper (DUH.)  So.....I then really RUINED it.  First, I added a dark purple/brown...gross.  Then tried brown...still gross.  Now I'm sitting staring at it.  I'm pretty sure this one is going bye-bye, Trash Town, USA.

I'm still going to use the saying and I will it hang above our bed.  That is my goal today!  Wish me luck!!!!

Have a great Wednesday!
Libby :)


  1. I like it...don't be so hard on yourself :) and how in the heck to I get on Pinterest??? I think I may be on some sort of waiting list...

  2. Carmella, Check your email :)

  3. I sent you an email Libby! ;) I do not understand Pinterest and I don't even know how to get an invite. But...I have seen my canvas work on there before and was impressed with myself. =)

  4. Don't spend anymore time hand cutting, my Silhouette is your Silhouette, friend. I don't think you should throw it out. I saw it in person and it can be saved -- just paint over it.


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