Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm finally back home after my week in Kansas.  I have some pictures to show!  I am a very, very happy, proud, smitten grandma!
Another love of my life is born.  She's the sweetest thing!
This is my oldest daughter, Heather.  The night she was being admitted to the hospital.  We were literally counting down the hours until the action would start.  The action got a little too scary when we were told she would need a c-section, but her, the daddy and the baby all did great!  I'm so proud of her and her fiance, Jesse. 
Kayden Marie
6lbs 15 oz 19 inches
April 28. 2011
This was taken when they were coming out of the operating room.  They both looked great!

 Tiny feet, but she has her mom's "french fry toes!"

She is a little pig too!  My daughter is breastfeeding and this tiny girl eats A LOT!

Aunt Hana and Uncle Hagan fell in love with baby Kayden as soon as they saw her....however, Hagan was a little jealous of the baby and showed it by doing things like this:
He even went so far as to put on her bib, climb into the crib and yell, "goo-goo."
 Her first bath at home and she was NOT happy! 
 I got to give her the first bath, so fun and so cool to teach my daughter.  Hagan assisted :)

It was hard to leave Kayden and Heather, but I know Heather is going to be a great mommy!  I am counting down the days now until I see them again in six weeks!

One another note....remember how I asked for "well-behaving prayers" for Hagan on the plane?  He did great!  He had so much fun during take off and landing and pretty much slept in between.  However, we had a looooooooong layover in Chicago on the way home.  He befriended the gal working the Field Museum kiosk and was a great salesman for her.  Hagan, "Would you like to buy this?  I'm sure she wouldn't mind (pointing at the clerk)."  She was super friendly and very gracious to let Hagan hang around.  Then....he met a pilot...he introduce himself and told the pilot, "I'm going with you."  The pilot, "I'm going to Tampa."  Hagan, "I'm going to Florida."  The pilot talked to him for about five minutes, then told him to come to the cockpit once we boarded, but I just took him directly to our seat since it was a large plane and, well, you all know what it's like boarding, kind of organized chaos.  Once everyone was on though, Hagan got called to the cockpit over the speaker.  He flew out of his seat and up to the pilot.  It was all very cool and we got some pictures.  I wish I would have gotten the pilots name because he took time before and after the flight to hang out with Hagan.  (He was also the one who told me the good news about getting Osamba Bin Laden when my phone was dead and my husband couldn't get through to me.)  I'm pretty sure it was Hagan's "hat" that got him so much attention throughout the airport....
He was protector of the bags....
And so stoked to get his own seat on the first plane back.  Hana was pretty jealous about that!

Well, it feels good to be home and I have sooooooo many blogs to get caught up on, but my two goals of the week are; 1) putting more items in the new etsy shop and 2) making a vision board as directed by my life coach.  Really excited about the 2nd one!  That will show up this week on the blog for sure! 

Libby :)


  1. Wow! What a great trip and great adventures for you all! Congratulations!

  2. Awww, congrats on the grandbaby! I love that picture of Hagan with his chin on her head. So sweet.

  3. She is beautiful!! Congrats to you all and I love the confidence you have in your daughter...I remember not wanting my mom to leave after my daughter was born..and my mom told me, "you'll be fine, you were born to be her momma." She made me feel so proud, and I know your daughter must feel the same way too!
    Also..thanks for my award, I'll be posting about it soon!! You made my day :)

  4. You're so welcome Carmella! And thank you!

  5. Oh, wow, how did you just not EAT every one of those gorgeous little toes!? She's just totally adorable. And that Hagan has nothing to worry about. He's a pure little cutie. Congratulations, Grandma!


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