Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starfish and a New Blog to STALK!

I found a new blog to stalk (at least new to me...954 other people found her first, but I'm not bitter or anything).   I'm so flippin' excited!!  She's pretty rad and very, very, VERY talented.  Her name is Lucy and you can find her at Craftberry Bush.  
This is the project that I saw and fell head over heels for immediately.  She has the BEST tutorials I have ever seen in Blogland.  More to follow on my project, but look at a few other things she's done:
She made her own Washi Tape.  How adorable!  She has great tutorial for making your own.
Ummmm.....this is made out of a single gumdrop.  That's right, a GUMDROP!!  Amazing, right?
A heart wreath.  She says that she loves to paint on book pages, especially with watercolors.  She has really beautiful projects with painted and plain book pages.  Check them out!
So cute, right?  These would be perfect to make if I were going with the vintage airplanes for Hagan's room, but did inspire me to make some clips for Hagan's room though.

Okay, here is my project using her tutorial for the starfish.
 Lucky for me, Haley had all this clay and shared with me.  I forgot to take pics of my steps when making it, but believe me, Lucy has a fantastic one here.  After baking them, I painted them blending white, brown and yellow.

 I strung them up with twine and attached them to the sign above our bed.  It needed something in that blank space above the writing and this works perfectly because I'm going a little beachy in there.

My starfish do not even come close to how good Lucy's look, but it was a fun, quick, easy project that was exactly what I needed.  Funny thing too...I had just pinned a similar idea on Pinterest, but I didn't want to spend money on starfish (they can be pricey!).  Perfect solution! Thanks Lucy!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend!
Libby :)


  1. She is fab! Love her! Totally stalk-worthy. :)

  2. BTW- I LOVE your sign and am going to have to copy it. :)

  3. Thanks Viv! I'm just hoping my hubby doesn't think it's too girly...


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