Saturday, May 7, 2011

STRAIGHT FROM EASTER TO "Spring" time here. BOO.

Before I begin my REAL post, a quick story....My son likes costumes and dressing up.  And after having three daughters all close in age, I learned that they are only little once and if they want to wear costumes for clothing, that's a battle I won't fight.  I've learned that the kid grows out of it on their own, it's not a biggie.  So, with my son, I am no different.  If he wants to wear a shirt like "pants," I'm okay with that (although we never went anywhere except to Sarah B.'s house and all day we called him, "Hagan Grey Shirt Pants.")
I'm also okay with him wearing a beanie and dino socks on his hands when it's 90 degrees out (oh come on, he'll take them off when he's hot...besides, that's all he was wearing except his undies).
He got lots of attention in the airports with his Thor helmet (that he wore continuously).

He actually did a great job of picking out his outfit for Easter.  See, letting them express themselves does help them develop their own style.  (Tie shirt made by Sarah B.  It's his "fancy" shirt :))

HOWEVER, some days he takes the costumes a little too acting out actions and becoming the character....I was in the driveway leaving for Publix when my oldest daughter and Spiderman ran out of the house wanting to come with me.  Sure!  Got to Publix, went to take off the clothes underneath.  *SIGH*  Oh well, at least this time I remembered to put shoes on (myself..I do that A LOT..get halfway somewhere and realize I forgot my shoes!).  At least he wasn't in his underwear and he had shoes on

He had a great time in Publix acting out his Spiderman adventures....I think everyone knows us, or I mean, HIM, by now.  Hey, at least he saved the french fries, they were in dire need of assistance, you know being placed by the hoodlum tater tots.  Again, *SIGH*  He's only little once...right?!?!

Quick project so I could remove the Easter wreath I had on the front door.  I had envisioned something else, but since I have no patience and refused to leave the house today, I had to work with what I had on hand.  A wreath from the Dollar Tree, scrapbook paper, twine and  garden markers from Target (love them for EVERYTHING and they were only a buck!).

I actually painted the polka dots on with a pencil eraser and vanilla paint.  THAT'S how bad I didn't want to leave the house!
Painted the wreath quickly with mustard colored paint.  Didn't like it with the paper, so I went over it just as quickly, with the vanilla paint.  The finished wreath:

And of course, my trusty Gnome keeps watch of the front door for me (also a dollar at Target, can you believe it???)

So, I guess with the Gnome watching the front, the beastly dog, Bosco, guarding the back, and Spiderman/DinoBoy/HaganGreyShirtPants protecting frozen vegetables, all is well in MY world!

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Libby :)


  1. What a cute post! I am so glad Spider Man was there to look out for those french fries...haha
    And...I love your wreath..I always feel so accomplished when I can do a project without buying anything and just use what I have...great job!

  2. Thanks Carmella! I need to keep using what I have at home or else my husband is going to freak out when he comes home and sees my "supplies." LOL

  3. Your son and my son could be BEST superhero friends, hahaha! So cute =)

  4. I feel good that your son has things under control. We can all rest better at night :) I "followed" your blog from Be Different's linky party. I am inspired by your summer wreath as I've been thinking about what I'll do with my mantle now that spring is thinking about winding down. Thanks for sharing with us!



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