Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summertime and the Living is Easy.....If You're Three and If You're NOT Al Roker

My boy enjoying an evening outside...yeah, that's right...he's rocking aqua cowgirl boots and dino unders....you all are lucky that I convinced him to put those on....
I wonder if Al Roker is offended that Taste of Home magazine decided that he was now a sunburned white guy?  Seriously....how in the hell did that go wrong??  I wonder what's going to happen when his people read it and show him......If anyone sees ANYTHING having to do with this, let a girl know!  I can't stop looking at it, shaking my head and thinking WTF?!?

This is what I did today

  The tray pedestal and shell used to look like this:
I found these at The Salvation Army thrift shop while out bargain hunting with the fabulous Sarah B.  Painted them up along with my cheese cloches that I had waiting around for a miracle for a few months...Everything else I had made previously and just pulled together.  The bad thing?????
I love the displays so much (my lame camera on my celly doesn't do the colors justice) that I now want to pull up a lawn chair, put my feet up on a cooler and have an ice cold beer....yup, right in my entry way....don't you judge me.....

I have another post coming your way in the morning...peace out!
Libby :)

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  1. The boots and undies is a look I have seen many times on my boys, I think it is just built into them.


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