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* Update!  I have found the blog where I saw this...and now that I saw it again...I really like theirs better :/  Oh well!  You can find it here One Charming Party*

Last week, while strolling through Blogland, I found a superhero party.  I loved the decorations, especially the comic book banner.  I have searched for that party and could not find it!  I'm kicking myself for not pinning it!!!!  Since my son is NOT having a superhero party (maybe next year, this year will be Disney/Mickey Mouse because we are taking him to Disney World), I FINALLY decided that I will decorate his bedroom in superheros and villains.  We will only be in this house for one more year, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on decorating.  I'm going to get creative and use what I have and what I can get for free.  While shopping at the BX a few days ago, I saw a comic in the toy section, so I picked up one.  When I went to pay, I realized they were FREE!!!!  YAY!!!  I picked up two more :)  I cut out triangles using my pinking shears and hot glued them to a ribbon.  I have two sets I'm doing, but only finished one this evening.  The first set has comics on the front and back, but the second set only has them on one side, so I'm going to add some construction paper to backs.  Sorry the following pics are so horrible, I am using my cell phone camera :/

 Now, these were hung in a hurry....Hagan was preoccupied with an empty box (oops, I mean, "his clubhouse").  And when I say preoccupied, I actually mean destroying, so I had to quickly and quietly run upstairs before he noticed me.  Otherwise, I never would have actually gotten them up, nor would I have gotten pictures.  They need to be moved in the morning ASAP before he notices them because he'll most likely use them as targets. 

These three lovely (and when I say lovely, I cute) canvases were painted my moi last year.  I looked at a coloring book and free-handed them onto the canvas.  I was never really happy with them, so they will soon become superhero posters, maybe even throw a villain in there for good measure.  Haley also said that since Hagan is moving into her room (when she goes to college) she would paint him a comic strip under the chair railing in the room.....that sounds like such an awesome idea, but I don't know.  I worry I will have a hard time leaving it, and painting over it when we move out would most likely kill me dead.  Okay, that's a little dramatic, but you get my point!  If she painted it, it would be too fabulous to have that happen, so I'm trying to think of an alternative.  I've gotten some of my inspiration from Cheri over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar.  Her son, Rex, has the BEST superhero room EVER!!  I believe she said she was inspired by Pottery Barn for his bed...but definitely check out Rex's room!  She has a very talented family! 

Here is another project I am working on too:
More to come with that one!  Once again, sorry for the crappy pictures....I'm thinking Haley has banned me from using her camera...BOOOOO!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!
Libby :)

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