Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello!!  I was doing so good this week posting (well, only Monday and Tuesday, but my plan was to post every single day this week) until my computer crashed.  It had a virus and somehow it "lost" the driver??  What??  I know NOTHING about computers, but I have a computer guy who really helps me out every. time. we. get. a. virus.   That makes me wonder....he's a computer genius...could he be causing my viruses on purpose?  Hahaha paranoia, anyone??  I could really get into conspiracy theories (mostly about unimportant things, like dog food manufacturers and weed killer companies being in cahoots...if you want to know more about my theory, just ask, I'll share it.  LOL)  Anyway, Computer Guy fixed my PC within 30 minutes.  Thanks CG!!

One of my weekly goals was to create a vision board of my future goals.  I already had in mind what I would do as soon as my life coach started talking about it.  I guess I should have listened more carefully instead of imaging what color I would paint my frame and if I would use ribbons or wires because I was actually supposed to prepare my goals and be able to talk about them...oops, again.  We are going to work on that during our next call :)

I used one of the frames that I picked up at the neighborhood yard sale last month, some left over Martha Stewart sample paint in Aqua and some picture wire.

I removed the back and art (the circle poster) and used a paper towel to apply the aqua paint.  Some areas I added more coverage, but mostly just went lightly over the frame to add some color but keep a shabby look.

I like how it turned, although I think this is something that should hang in my bedroom and of course it doesn't match at all....guess that means I may be re-doing my bedroom soon :)  I just added the wires to the staples that were already in the frame and some go straight across while some are an angle.

I cut some of my goals out of magazines and glued them to a piece of scrapbook paper so they would be more substantial and then used mini-clothes pins to attach them to the wires.  I bought the mini-clothespins from Walmart on clearance in their office supplies.  Some of the goals you see on there are 6 month, a year and five years.  I have quite a few more to add...honestly, I don't know if I'll ever be "finished."  Here are some of my goals:
1.  Lose weight.  (I'm terrified of getting diabetes)
2.  Choose healthy, unprocessed food.  (Very hard to do for me right now)
3.  Tackle the clutter in my house.
4.  Listen to music and read more.  (Activities that I love, yet don't indulge in much)
5.  Buy a bicycle.
6.  Start my own business.
7.  Learn more about party planning and start small with my own ideas
8.  Host more gatherings at my house and expand my social circle.
9.  Take more time for my marriage and make the time together count.

Thanks for checking out my vision board (I cannot say that without thinking of Madonna and wrestling singlets!!!)  Does anyone else out there have vision boards or something to inspire them?  I'd love to hear about them!

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Have a fabulous Friday!

Libby :)


  1. visiting from it's a craft life...

    I love this idea... so cute, so shabby, and so inspiring!

  2. Perfect--lovely color! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence!

  3. Thanks ladies! I get so much inspiration from all the linky parties! Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Love it! You inspire your life coach!! I want to redo my Vision Board now and copy yours!! You have totally inspired me!!! I bought a lamp at a garage sale for a quarter, I am going to spray paint it for my room!! I am also going to redo a FREE little nightstand I got. It is ugly brown. I am going to paint it black, use adhesive to secure fabric (I already have, matches my room!)to the top and drawer and bought a matching knob at Hobby Lobby for the drawer. I hope I get it put together soon! Notice I got a gmail account!! You Rock Libby!!

  5. What a great project! I love the color you chose. Thank you for sharing your Vision Board with us at Inspiration Friday!


  6. I love vision boards, I think they are a fantastic tool for keeping your goals close to the surface. Producing your own board, adds to the activity, adding more of yourself, making it more personal. Love it.


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