Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was trying to blog everyday, but I just wasn't able to meet my goals last week.  To be honest, I wasn't very inspired and I had been a little stressed out.  The weekend helped bring me out of the slump, especially Sunday.  Saturday we did this:
Our neighborhood had their first annual Crawfish Festival at our Park Square.  It was really fun to get together with friends, eat great food (although technically, I don't eat anything that lives in water, nor did I actually eat anything that afternoon, but there was great food available) and throw back a few cold ones.  The YMCA had stations set up with kid games, including face painting, and the water fountains were going, which is a favorite of Hagan's this year.  Great time to just let kids be kids and have a relaxing day.  On Sunday we did this:

It was a beautiful beach day at Fort DeSoto, FL.  Hana and her friend went with us, but Hagan and I had such an awesome day together (while the girls ignored us and scoped out the area for BOYS).  That day was just what I needed!

This morning I decided that I needed something to hang above our front door.  The empty space has been nagging at me for awhile now.  I found some old vinyl that I bought over two years ago and decided it would look great on a yard sale frame.
I chose the one in the middle, "Beach Club."  I took it out of the frame, flipped it over and glued scrapbook paper directly to it.  (It's not like I can't just remove the vinyl and flip it back over later if I decide I need a party picture!)

Then I just added my "Welcome" vinyl to the glass.  Easy peasy!

Next I hung it above our front door and it looks really GOOD there!  Although.......

Should people really be viewing the welcome sign as they are walking OUT the door?!?!?!? 

See you tomorrow!

Libby :)

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