Sunday, June 5, 2011

Superhero.....or Villian??

Last week I finished up some decor for Hagan's room.  We will be switching around rooms in August, but I couldn't wait to make some stuff for his room.  I'm also doing it by not spending any money because we will spending a lot moving Haley and Hana will actually need some new stuff for her room.  Plus, I really don't know if I want to keep his room this theme when we move next summer.  

Instead of buying the cool wall stickers, I made my own version.  All materials I already had at home.

I let Hagan paint a board:
Then he painted himself and left these all over the white tile:
He said he didn't do it, "they're dinosaur tracks."  Yeah, ok :)

This is what he painted, I just added the "H," the year and an old hook I spray painted Oxford Blue (my new fave).

Hagan had to hang up his own artwork too, a triangle with one of his sisters graduation envelope seals:
After I hung up these signs it took me a minute to figure out why the big one looked so familiar...

And now I can't even look at it because it reminds me of this:

Now I have a dilemma.....everybody would love to think their kid is a superhero and not a villian, right?  I thought Hagan was a least until yesterday at the pool.  He got out of the pool holding his um...privates.  After asking several times if he had to potty or if he hurt himself, and him denying that anything was wrong, I finally tried to remove his hand.  Yup, my darling, sweet superhero had stuck another boy's toy in his swim trunks!!!  He was trying to steal!!!  He's THREE!!  The other mom was super sweet about it and was telling Hagan that next time they came he could play with it...that was really nice, but I was trying to scare the life out him and she didn't help me get my point across at all!  I was talking police and know, trying to scare him straight, hahahaha.  We came home and I made him tell Haley what he did and when she asked him why he would do that, he actually said, "I didn't know mom would find it.  I was being sly like a fox."  !!!!!!!  Damn Swipper the Fox!  I'm sure that's where he got that from!

Oh.....the toy was a Spiderman action figure....a little villain stealing a superhero.  Aaahhh, the irony.

Have a beautiful Sunday!
Libby :)

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  1. Great ideas! My boys are all about superheros too :) Or as they call them superherios(like cheerios) haha. Looks great!


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