Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Does The Time GO?

My beautiful daughter, Haley, turns 18 today AND she is graduating with honors this afternoon.  Tear, tear, sniffle, sniffle....I can't believe in two months we will be moving her to college (Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU).  It's going to be a fabulous day with lots of celebrating!  My girl, Sarah B., is going to set up a surprise for her while we are at graduation and dinner.  I don't know what I would do without a friend like her!!! 

Sarah B. was inspired by Viv at The V Spot for her jewlery frame, well really, anything Viv does inspires us both and to hear us talk about her, you'd think we were actually her besties....We're okay with thinking that...Viv might be a little scared! 

Sarah B. found two cute frames at The Salvation Army last week (blue sticker, half off!  Woop Woop!) and worked some magic with them.  Here is what she did:

I love it!  I really love the color of the material with her fancy pin or "brooch" (I personally like fancy pin :)). 

Sarah also made us both these little signs with her Silly:

 I truly love this saying.  I have seen these all over Blogland, but I have never seen this particular saying and it fits us so well, you know, with us being Army wives and all.  Hoohah!

I'm off to enjoy my family today and really missing my hubs.  Sometimes the Army takes him away for really important days like this, but what can we do?  KEEP CALM AND SOLDIER ON

Libby :)


  1. My niece attends KU (Rock Chalk) and loves it - Congrats to your daughter!

  2. I love how the jewelry holder with the brooch/fancy pin turned out! (And I love that you guys like me!) :)
    Congrats and happy birthday to Haley. (She is GORGEOUS!) And can I just take this opportunity to thank your husband and your whole family for your service to our country. I'm sorry he won't be at the graduation, but I love that you're going to keep calm and soldier on. :)


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