Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Perfectly Crazy Zombie Party

We had a Zombie party on Sunday night....no, no reason.  We just wanted to watch some great (Zombieland) and some bad (Dawn of the Dead) zombie movies.  I'm always looking for a reason to have a party, so this was perfect!  My girls thought Randa Bliss and I went a little overboard for a movie night, but we had so much fun making everything!  Here are some pictures of the night:

Some close ups of the food
Infected Eyeballs (oreo truffles)
Human Meat Tray

Toxic Waste Dip (Queso)

Zombie Heads

Mad Zombie Brains

Zombie Fingers with blood sauce (breadsticks and marinara)
The Drink
Infected Blood *Drink at your own risk* (tropical punch Koolaid)
Poison graphic from *The Graphics Fairy*

The costumes and other decor

Fresh kill

Feast of zombies (LOL)

Haley says that she lives by this rule everyday because of her little brother!

I can't imagine what the neighbors thought when this was out drying in the driveway!

 Sarah B.'s cup....I think she thought that would save her from the zombies....
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed our Zombie party!  Now I'm off to look for some G.D. Twinkies!!!

Libby :)

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