Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Really Random Experience and....I SCORED TODAY!

I had to make a trip to Plant City, Florida today to the meat market and decided to hit the Goodwill first.  I had my family with me, so it was really strange when we walked to the furniture section and saw our old couch sitting there! 
Hahahahahaha!  We bought new furniture back in February and set this couch, along with a loveseat, chair and ottoman, out on our curb.  A young family came by a took it all.....guess they changed their mind!  We would have donated it to Goodwill ourselves, but they don't have a pick up service and we would have had to pay someone to drop it off for us, so  We all about died from shock and laughter!  Actually, we are going to need to buy a couch for Haley's apartment, but there was no way I was paying $75 for MY old couch!  Hahahahaha :)

I found this cool stuff:

Hana loves elephants, Haley loves owls and Hagan loves Godzilla...they all scored today!  I'm so excited about the wire baskets and already know what I'm going to do with them!

THEN!!!!!!!  Then on the way home, I took a chance and stopped at a cute little antique shop that looked closed down, but lucky for me, the owner was there!!!!  Look what I got for only 40 bucks!

Transom windows!!!  Or set...or whatever!  There are four pieces total...I thought 40 bucks was a really good price.  She had $60 on them, and honestly, I wasn't trying to talk her down because she actually is in the process of shutting down the shop and trying to sell her items on ebay instead because she can't afford the shop and her horses anymore :(..So, I would have paid the 60 buckaroos, but she wasn't taking credit anymore, cash only.  When I said I only had 40, but would call her, she offered to take that.  Did I get a good deal or what??  I think I did.....anyway, I see it as 10 bucks an item and I've paid 10 bucks for a paned window before, so.....I'm okay with it! 

Really, all it needs is cleaned up and washed.  I think I will it just as is and hang them. husband's map picture may just be coming down!

And what was my son doing while we were unloading??  This:
Apparently, he now thinks that it is okay to pee in our front yard :/ 
Have a great Saturday night!

Libby :)


  1. love the windows and can't wait to see what you will be doing with them! And, about that peeing in the front yard....we have a little pee-er ourselves and apparently anywhere is a great spot to go...hahaha Hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. While we were in KS last month, I told him it was okay to go outside because my in-laws live in the country. He actually refused to do it, so the first time he did it here, I asked, "Why would you do that?!?!" He replied, "You said I could." Hahaha, learned my lesson! Have a happy 4th of July!!


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