Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

I've had a crazy couple of weeks.  I'm still recovering from my trip to Kansas and having my daughter, Heather's, little family, here visiting.  After returning from my brother-in-law's funeral, it was such a joy to see my granddaughter, Kayden's, beautiful, gummy, cheesy smile every morning!  It made me so happy!  I would say, "Good morning, Sunshine," and she would just bust out a  drool-ly grin!  This was for her:

(I'm kind of obsessed with my new Martha Stewart stencils (that I bought from Michael's with my 50% off coupon!!!!!!)  So, I decided to make another sign......
Spray painted Krylon's Classic Gray

"THE" Martha stencil

Made my own shade of light pink


Trusty Mod Podge with cardstock letters

Kaydie Bug is my little ray sunshine!  She went back to Kansas with her parents on Saturday and an hour after they left, I was going through baby withdrawals!!!  Come on Christmas!  (That's when I get to see her again :))

So...which sign should I send her???

Libby :)


  1. Super lovely.. I found ya per Motivate me Monday and your site totally motivates me get up & get artsy.. : )) Lovely blog.. I'm Marilyn from and i'm following ya officially with SMILES.. Hoping you can stop by sometime and return the follow/simply say hello.. Thanks & have a great week..

  2. What a sweet post. I'm so sorry about your brother in law but happy you have your sweet Kayden to be your Sunshine! I hope she got to take the sign back with her! So she can see it every day and know how special she is Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Holes smokes! I am loving that stencil. Not to self: Get that stencil.
    You did a great job! I'm thinking of doing something just like that for my daughter's room with " Here comes the sun " as the quote.

  4. Very heartfelt post and the stencil is really fun. Cute blog!

  5. They are both so cute and happy! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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