Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you seen the awesome book page garland made by Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage?  It is fantastic!  I even left her a comment claiming that I had to make one NOW!  Yeah....that totally jinxed me.  Here is her lovely book page garland:

Gorgeous, right?  Well, I started with this:
A book from the Dollar Tree.  I've used it for several projects and I don't feel bad ripping out the pages...my prob though, I start reading as I'm crafting.  Haha!

Ok...so here is where I get frustrated and give up.  I didn't take a picture, but I just couldn't get my pages to lay straight, ruffle-like.  It kept curving in, so I just went with that and made a wreath.  I cut a wreath form out of cardboard and started gluing.

 (Wow, that looks like a ca-razy wreath form!)  After finishing the wreath, I decided I needed to "age" it.....

 I considered this a total craft fail until Sarah B. came over and said she actually liked it.  It is starting to grow on me...so, I added some Halloween touches.

It's so-so.  I was really hoping to make the book page garland because I really love how it looks on Gina's mantle.  Who knows...I just bought another Dollar Tree book last night, maybe I'll give it another shot.  Seriously though, go check out Gina's Halloween mantle!  It's to die for!  (ha!  see what I did there?  Halloween?  Die for?)

Second craft fail.  Yes, I had two right in a row!  I've been seeing all these fab decoupage pumpkins and wanted to try one.  I bought a Dollar Tree pumpkin, picked my paper, cut it into strips and started gluing.  EPIC FAIL!  It is HARD!  I do not have a picture of my sad, wrinkly pumpkin.  I just couldn't bear to document it.  It was even worse after I attempted to PULL the paper off.  I moved on to another craft, but the pumpkin was just screaming at me, "FAIL!"  Finally, it hit me what I needed to do....threw a whole scrapbook page over it, added a kick ass embellishment and screamed, "VICTORY!"  It's my favorite pumpkin by far:

Ha ha!  Everyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession with mustaches!  I love it!

And since I would love to see other craft fails  (it would totally make me feel better about myself), I'm going to link to these parties (just don't laugh at me too much):
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Libby :)


  1. Hey, I didn't see any craft fails here, only projects by a persistent and creative woman. They look good. Your mustache pumpkin cracks me up. My most recent craft fail was a wreath made from vines from our fence which I pictured drying into a stiff circle with wrinkled dried leaves which I could paint black. Yeah well, the circle is more like an oval and the leaves crumbled everywhere like burnt paper. I'm still cleaning it up, LOL!

  2. There are no fails if you're trying :) Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!



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