Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So....have you noticed anything different?! 
I am SO in LOVE with my new blog design!  Thank you, Kerry!!  Kerry happens to have an etsy shop called Design Muse filled with pretty awesome premade blog templates, logos and etsy shop designs!  I wanted to overhaul my blog and my etsy shop (that I'm ashamed to admit has been neglected until this month), so I was browsing through etsy, saw her design and that was it!  I love the colors and the birds and the fonts and the....oh, you've had enough?  Ok :)  Kerry was more than WONDERFUL to work with and she really helped me out (considering that I know nothing about html, I'm trying, I'm trying!)  If you are in the market for a blog overhaul, please visit DESIGN MUSE! 

Tomorrow morning I will be back with a project I have been working on since Saturday?  Sunday?  My days have been running together because my little man, Hago, has been sick and clingy.  Our 3rd round with a nasty virus :(  BUT, I am super excited to share what I've been doing and the changes to my etsy shop!!!!  Stay tuned!

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