Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yay!  I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Lisa of Creative Raisins!  Please go check out her blog {It's fab!}

There are 3 rules about when you accept this award:
(1) Thank the person who gave you this award and make sure to link back to their blog
(2) Share 7 things about yourself
(3) Pass this award onto 7 recently discovered blogs
Seven Things About Myself
1) I'm in crazy Christmas mode right now!
2) I'm addicted to all Real Housewives of....
3) I'm obsessed with my new Silhouette Cameo!
4) I'm so excited to see my husband, my two oldest daughters and granddaughter next month that I can't stand it...hurry up December!
5) I'm finally gaining some confidence in my projects {At 39, I'm still a work in progress!}
6) I am an Army wife and damn proud of it!
7) I'm a huge fan of Spongebob Squarepants {Sponge-gloooooosssssssss}

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  1. Yippee! Thank you so much for giving me this award! I'm flattered :)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH! That's so awesome! I'm doing tonight. What an honor!

  3. Thanks so much for the award! How fun! Maybe someday I'll officially accept and repost when I can think of 7 interesting things about myself! lol

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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