Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is where I've been....

I've been spending time with my hubby (he got to come home for Christmas!) and our granddaughter, Kayden.  She's so adorable!
We took Hagan bowling for the first time and...
and he had so much fun (even if I thought he was going to put a hole in the floor with the way he dropped that 6 pound ball!)

We took Kayden to make her first handprint ornament at our local pottery shop.
Later Santa came to our town square!
Daddy got to visit Hagan's school for the first time and helped him decorated gingerbread men :)
We took Heather and Kayden to the airport and a few days later picked up our middle daughter, Haley.  To say she was excited to see us would be an understatement!  First semester of college equals one homesick girl!
Enjoyed every second with this man!
We decorated gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies,
did A LOT of this! 
Then already it was Christmas day.  Hagan was so excited, I thought he was gonna bust before his sisters came downstairs!

Then the next morning came and we had to say goodbye to my hubster and leave him at the airport.  It was a crazy, activity-filled two weeks...the only thing I wish I could change would be to slow time down...seems like it went too fast.  I've been keeping myself busy preparing for the first week of One Month To Win It and deconstructing all the Christmas decor....does anyone else feel like their house seems so empty without all the festive decor?  I sure do....kinda forgot what my house looked like before!  I hope you all had a joyous holiday!



  1. *Sniff* It maybe lack of sleep and hormones, but your post made me cry. It did go too fast for you. Such a exciting time all crammed into such a short time and then... done. I'll be counting down the days til Hubs comes home for you in my head. It'll go fast. We'll just have to craft our butts off to pass the time. Hugs!

  2. I think it's lack of sleep...you did post this in the middle of the night! :) Thank goodness for awesome friends like YOU!


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