Monday, January 23, 2012


While I was creating this bulletin board for the One Month To Win It contest {which I was eliminated from during the 2nd week}I also created two dessert stands!  I used stands that I had made previously to hold Christmas decor.  They are silver trays and candle sticks from the Dollar Store.  I used E3000 to glue them together.

I primed them first so my acrylic paint would stick better

After the primer dried.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the painting process, but basical I just put down an all over color for the base, then painted in the patterns.  I free-handed the prints.  I honestly believe that you can NOT screw up animal print!

Leopard print.

Zebra print.

My daughter can use these to hold jewelry or her tiny elephant collection...or I can totally steal them to use for parties! 

Do you like the animal print trend?

Libby :)

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