Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My nephew is a brand-new Marine and my family couldn't be more proud of him! This is not only his first time being away from family, but his first time out of the US too. Yup...straight out of boot camp and deployed to Afghanistan :/ My neice, Randa Bliss, and I decided to make him and his fellow Marines some funny valentine's cards and send them some yummy treats!
I {mustache} you a question.....

{If you need a quick decor just for that little area, grab a wooden block and draw a heart on it with chalk!}

...will you be my Valentine?

Treat bags....don't worry, there is a lot more candy than THAT!

My nephew {Marine Adam, hee hee hee} is very homesick, so I hope this Valentine's box will cheer him up and give him a laugh! 

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