Tuesday, March 27, 2012

24 Hours, But Who's Counting?

Time is flying by so fast! That's a good thing this time! I haven't been a total slacker....I was working on party kits for my etsy shop {www.libbysixproductions.etsy.com} and doing as much as possible with my neice before she went home to Kansas {BTW, Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU! Next stop: FINAL FOUR!!!}. Anyway, this is my Nautical Party Kit:
The chevron banner was left blank so I can personalize it for any occassion.  I also made a Monster Robot Birthday Party Kit.  Love the colors and the fun robots!

You can't really see the cupcake toppers that well, but I assure you, they are adorable!  Another reason why I'm loving time flying???  My hubby lands in Tampa in 25 hours!!!  I'm cleaning like a mad woman and sick as hell to my stomach, but I'm excited!  My friends think it's cute that I still get the funny tummy when my man is returning, but really {and honestly} it's annoying!  I get so nervous!  I understand it's a good thing and should probably be worried if that ever goes away, but damn!  :)  I'm so giddy it should be illegal......I can't wait to look into these eyes!

{Kind of a dorky picture, but when he was home for two weeks in December, I tricked him into taking the girls to their hair appointments.  Yeah, he was one bored Daddio, but you know what?  That's what happens, payback for being alone for 18 months is a bitch :)}

Have an awesome week, weekend, maybe month....just kidding, the honeymoon phase will be over soon and I'll be back!

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