Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Been WAY Too Long

I have fallen off the blogging scene...I feel bad about it.  It's one thing that I love doing and I've missed it.  I haven't stopped crafting....actually, I was preparing for my FIRST craft booth at our local farmer's market.  Oh, how did it go?  It didn't.  Organized, priced, set up a mock booth, loaded the truck and then...well, the weather didn't cooperate.  Bummer.  Good news though, everthing will be ready for next month for my FIRST craft booth! 

My niece and I were bummed about the cancelled market, so we spent the day at Busch Gardens before facing the inevitable house cleaning and truck unloading that will HAVE to be done Monday morning. It looks like a craft tornado came through my house and threw up ribbon, material and paper EVERYWHERE!

Hagan and I in the Kangaroo Walkabout.  He really enjoyed feeding them!

This pic to show off his fancy bow tie....yeah, yeah, yeah, my silly boy wouldn't let me put the bow tie in the right place {he may have been scared to let me near his head area since I may have gotten hot glue in this hair the other day *don't ask :)*}

I'm committed to posting everyday this week!  I've missed YOU!



  1. I have missed you, Kind of a bummer about the craft fair but like you said at least you are ready for the next one. Have a great week.


  2. Thank you Lisa! That is sweet to hear that someone actually missed me! Made my day :)



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