Wednesday, March 7, 2012

T-Shirt Scarves

Whew! It's Wednesday and if I was feeling blah yesterday, today was not better :/ I woke up with back spasms which is no bueno. The doctor thinks I have a herniated disk and right now the flair ups will be controlled with drugs, drugs and more drugs. I have been having these "flair ups" a few times a year since 2007, but for some reason this year, they are a lot worse. So, excuse me if I have misspelled words or don't make any sense...the pain meds are kicking in!

Back in January, my friend, Sarah B. and I planned a craft party. Actually, Sarah B. did everything and I just offered my house :) She found a cool t-shirt scarf on Pinterest {I wish I could post the instructions and source, but I never pinned it and I can't find it on Sarah B.'s}. Everyone just brought old t-shirts and we followed Sarah B.'s instructions {Some people did better than others haha} and yes, it was BYOB so that may have led to some confusion. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we had another craft party last month and made framed chalkboards. This month, we are doing cake stands and mouse pads. It's so fun! I encourage everyone to have craft parties! Even if you have friends who claim not to have a crafty bone in their body, pick the right craft and everyone goes home feeling like a Craft Star! Here is our group with our finished scraves.....

Wendy, Me, Melissa and Rhiann.  No, Wendy is not my sister, not even a cousin, actually not related at all, but the hair used to confuse people when we worked together!

Wendy and my boy, Hagan.  I had to include this pic because when I was installing Linky Followers I had to choose a profile picture and I chose this one because I thought it was ME!!!  I couldn't tell until it was installed and I have not been able to change it myself.  I actually emailed the guy of Linky Followers and asked him to remove the picture, but now I can't upload a new one, so I look like a little orange guy :/
This craft was FREE!  Everyone has old t-shirts and if you're a scarf lover like me, try this scarf!  Cute and easy!  Talk to you tomorrow ;)


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