Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craft Party!

Happy Sunday and Happy April Fools! Last night my friends and I had our monthly craft party...mouse pads and dessert stands. It was a BLAST! I ate WAY too much food, the girls never disappoint! about them Jayhawks?!?!  My husband {and I} almost had heart attacks!  Rock Chalk!

They crew: Carola, Me, Debbie, Wendy, Becky and Sarah B.  Self-timers are great, right?  What would have been better and easier, if one of the men making faces through the window would have came in and took the, they weren't some random creepers, just my hubby and Wendy's man who were banned to the Man Cave.  We didn't even let them eat.  Ha!

Wendy was sweet to host the craft party at her house this month.  It's beautiful!  Her man is a contractor {lucky}, so she has all these little details around her home that are gorgeous and are like "duh!" A tray ceiling with lights behind the molding for "ambiance."  Sweet!

Carol and Wendy fighting over Kenny Chesney...Wendy looks real scared, right?  I've never known two grown women who have such a fanatic love for Kenny.  Sarah B. and I don't understand.  I love his music, but we think he looks like a turtle :) Anyway.....we had so much fun eating, drinking, goofing off and oh yeah, crafting, that we forgot to take a group picture with our crafts!  So this is what we made last night:

The dessert stand: candlestick and silver tray from Dollar Tree.  I hadn't been to Home Depot in a long while, so I was so happy to find all the new paint colors!  This color is Rustoleum's Key Lime, I think it's my new favorite.  I also picked up Rustoleum's Fire Orange and Lagoon.  Love them!

Before we began our mouse pad craft, we used E6000 to glue the candle stick to the tray.  While that dried, we went to work on the mouse pads.  I'm not sure where Wendy got the idea from, but it was easy peasy.  She provided templates for the shapes, so we traced them onto the cork board and cut out.  Be sure you have very sharp scissors or an exacto knife for a smooth edge.  The we picked our material, ironed it {first time I ironed in 39 years.  Yes, I'm 39.  I NEVER iron.}, ironed on the fusing....see, I wasn't really paying attention because I can't even tell you what it's called.  Bond something?!?!  Once it was ironed together, we traced and cut out the shape a little smaller and ironed the fabric onto the cork.  Super easy!  Most of the girls didn't really need a mouse pad {unlike me}, so they made theirs bigger and are going to use them as an actual cork board.  Wha?!?!  Use something for it's actual purpose?!?!  Shock!

After completing the mouse pad, we went out and spray painted the dessert stands.  I had to convince some of the girls that they weren't making a life altering decision in picking a paint's just paint.  Do overs are allowed.  I re-paint mine for whatever holiday or party is coming up.  It saves money to re-use!  Do you ever have a hard time picking a color?  We had an awesome evening and we are all looking forward to next month's party.  Any easy craft ideas?  If you try any of these projects, I'd love to see YOUR pictures! 

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