Monday, April 16, 2012

Painted Patio Furniture

The hubster and I have been busy fixing up our know, fun stuff like having some screens replaced, painting the floor...REAL fun {hear the sarcasm??} I have a project I want to do, but still need a trip to JoAnn's for burlap, so what I really wanted to do has been on hold while we finished up the lanai. Have you ever finished a fix-up, then think, "I gotta improve this other stuff too?" Happened to me. We have had a table and two chairs FO-EVA that really needed updated, so I thought I'll take on painting the patio furniture {instead of doing the project that is burning a hole in my brain :)} A before of the boring, bland furniture:

We bought this furniture in Alaska way back in 2001...held up really well, but so over the light color...the after:

I used Rustoleum's Hammered.  I have two complaints:  I didn't realize that Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze isn't meant for use on outdoor items {BOO, that's the color I really, really wanted!} and Rustoleum should really change their nozzel!  Well, at least the on the Hammered ones.  My fingers still hurt!  I don't understand why they have "comfort" nozzels on most of the others, but not this one???  Killer on the fingers!  Anyway, I'm really pleased with how it turned out and since the hubster won't buy me new patio furniture, I'm happy with an updated look!  Anyone ever have problems with spray-painted outdoor furniture??

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