Monday, April 2, 2012

Window Re-do

Did anyone else have an April Fool's Day joke played on them yesterday? My four year old son tried all day to get me, but he didn't exactly get the concept of tricking me. He would tap me on the shoulder, run to my other side and said, "It wasn't me. April fool's!" But then.....he was upstairs playing in his room and he came to the stair landing and said in a very worried voice, "I accidently pooped in my room." I just kept repeating, "What?!?! Why?!?!?" {He used to do that during potty training ALL. THE. TIME} As I got up {not gonna lie, I was pretty angry}, he yelled, "April fool's!!!" Man, he got me good that time! Hubster was rolling on the floor laughing so hard! So happy April 1st is over :)

In this post, I was gushing about the new Rustoleum colors available at Home Depot, including Key Lime, Fire Orange and Lagoon and I was inspired by the Lagoon. I was curious to see if it comes out as vibrant as the cap {nobody used it at the craft party}. I had a window that I purchased at Ikea in the "as is" section, oh, about a million years ago, that has been neglected in my garage. It was the lucky piece!

Do you think $10 is a good price?  I remember I once bought a very old window from an antique store for ten bucks, so worth it for the character!

Taping off the glass is torture for me, really dislike this part.

The color did not disappoint!  Very vibrant! 

After sanding.  I love the dark wood coming through and in some areas I sanded down to the bare wood. 

I traded out the silver knob for a "glass" knob that I got in the dollar section of Michael's.  I like it much better for that shabby chic look.

No, that is not how I am leaving the doesn't match or even go :)  Just couldn't find anywhere else in my house to take pics.  Well, back to Home Depot I go to do errands for Hubster!  Happy day!

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