Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craft Party.....Fail

Hello! Hello! Hello! My friends and I had another craft party last month...let's just say this one didn't turn out quite like we had planned in our pretty little heads :) First off...guess who forgot to bring the MOST important tool?? ME!! Our plan was to make some of these chicken wire frames:

However; while enjoying delish food, I realized I forgot the stapler!!! DOH! My girl, Carola, had one, but NO staples {heeheehee}. I had to call and beg the Hubster to dig through all my craft crap to find the stapler and when he did...it didn't have any staples either! Well, being the sweet guy that he is, he dug out 13 staples from the bottom of his tool box to save the night! Sarah B. and I decided we would save our craft for later so that Sara and Carola could finish theirs and use the staples. First: We painted!!

Removing staples...ugh

Sara distressing her frame..

Always use protection!  That chicken wire is vicious!

Sarah B. a.k.a. "The Expert"

Fun with our frames.....

Sara in chicken wire jail...hahahaaha

And this is where the FAIL begins...ALWAYS make sure you have the RIGHT SIZED staples before you get stapler happy :(  Poor Carola had a wrecked frame...

I brought it home with me because I felt horrible that her frame was ruined...I gave it a little TLC

I used twine, hot glue and strips of left over material...I can't think of the name of the material!!  Not burlap or canvas....ggrrrrr, it's escaping me!

This is the final piece!  I think it's pretty cute!  Carola wouldn't take it back...I don't think it's really her style, so I still owe her a frame :)
This is my frame that I finished about a week later....I changed the color to red because I did have my cream colored frame up there, but guess what??  I sold it at my first craft booth!!!!  Granted it was the ONLY thing that sold.....that's another post! 

Anyone else have any craft parties lately??  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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