Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping It Real

Turns out that our landlords...well, it's been crystal clear for the last three years that they suck at being landlords/homeowners, but with our last needed repair they made it obvious that they will fix NOTHING.  That was my clue to say "bye, bye, bye" at the end of our lease instead of trying to stay in the house as long as possible.  They decided to foreclose/short sell the house, so when our lease is up July 1st we will be moving to another rental in the neighborhood. Oh, they offered us first dibs on the house {gee thanks}, but um, no thank you. We only have one year left here in Florida before we move to Georgia and this house isn't quite a money pit, but it is a lot of upkeep. Anyway, this is what I'll be doing daily to prepare.....
Not THAT bad, right?  I'll be cleaning out cabinets.....

We have more children's plastic ware than adult stuff....can I get some REAL glasses???

This is the cabinet that I'm REALLY dreading.  Bill statements....I was always told to keep everything for seven years....anyone else old school like that??  The Hubster?  Oh, he throws out everything as soon as he reads/pays it.  Everything is online, what is the point of keeping paper?  Is it okay to throw it all out?  Should I file it?  HELP ME!!!!!!

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