Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farmer's Market and My Nightmare

I had a really bad nightmare last night.  To keep it short; I set up my booth at a craft fair, eventually being summoned by five women to an apartment up grimy, scary stairs, where they all proceeded to yell at me.  I was told I could only sell paper items if I made the paper by hand.....then some other stuff happened and eventually the nightmare ending with me trying to swim away in a river, carrying a pair of Carhart pants full of rocks.  I'm still stumped by that part.....Anyway, during the dream I was outraged that I had to make my own paper!  What about the woman who sold quilts?  Did she have to make her own material???  I was very angry in my dream :)  This reminded me to tell you about my Farmer's Market experience.  Here's my booth, I thought it was set up pretty cute.
This is a picture of where and how I displayed my party kits.  I set up a mini party table that was adorable with popsical themed party kit.

 I ended up selling only one chicken wire frame.  The white one in the picture below.  I did give out lots of business cards!  Was it a failure?  I don't think so.  I learned that I need to focus on one "area," which will be my party kits and that I need to work on my people skills.  I'm not a pushy person (or one who likes to talk to strangers), so for me to approach potential clients, it took all my guts.  I was sick to death that morning with anxiety!

 However; after I had people coming down to look at the "Pinterest" booth, I kinda got a chip on my shoulder.  AND it was another booth holder, who I had purchased items from several times, that was calling my booth that!  I was into crafts and reusing items WAY before Pinterest was even around...I started this blog before I had even heard of Pinterest!  It kind of hurt my feelings, like they were saying, "She got all her ideas off Pinterest and anyone can do that."  No.  Not true.  Not everyone can create, recreate, dream, construct, what they see.  Right?? 

                                      Would that have bothered you? 

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