Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hagan's Fake Birthday: Part I

I think this is my favorite picture from Hagan's fake birthday!  How adorable is that Kool-aid grin?  BTW, my son will turn five in August and on this day was his first time to ever have Kool-aid!  I think he drank the entire gallon!

My awesome, sweet, other half of my brain friend, Sarah B., and I planned a "fake" birthday party for my son, Hagan, and her daughter, Sophia (whose real birthdays are Aug. 16th and 17th) so that they could celebrate with all their preschool friends.  Sadly, Sarah B. and family are moving at the end of this month (but I don't want to talk about it :( ) and she wanted all of Sophia's friends together one last time before the move. 

We planned the party together and made the decorations together. Even though Hagan wanted dinos and Sophie wanted Hello Kitty, I think we did a fabulous job of coordinating the two themes! I don't have many pictures of all the stuff we made, but I have a few to share.

The cute dino-culars were made from toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper and ribbon.  I got the idea from them here.  They were super easy and cost me NOTHING!!
The next giftbag item we made were dino eggs.  Sarah B. found the idea on the internet, but now I can not find the exact one we used, but basically it was a playdough recipe that we added washed coffee grounds and paint to create an egg like color.  (Check out Lisa's dinosaur fossils/eggs from Creative Raisins.  I LOVE the color of her eggs much better!)  These are the little guys buried inside the eggs.  I purchased them from the Dollar Tree.
Sarah B. made the bag labels for me and I think they look so cool in their packages!  The kids loved cracking open the eggs!
Sorry for this blurry picture, but this was the making of Hagan's pinata.  In tomorrow's post, you will be able to see the inside of the pinata.  It's made from pizza and beer boxes.  I came up with the idea to ruffle the crepe paper around the edges and center.  Sarah B. is the master pinata maker, so I was pretty happy to contribute my idea :)
 Burning my fingers for the love of my son and his pinata!  Hahahaha!
The finished pinata!  Sophie's was exactly the same, but with a Hello Kitty head in the middle.  So easy to make your own pinatas....I hope I'll be able to make more in the future without Sarah B. here to do it for me!
Inside the pinata are more small dinos (like the ones in the eggs), small cars and lots of candy.  Everything was bought at the Dollar Tree.
For the giftbags I included, the dino eggs, bubbles, a dinosaur, pencils, a stick on mustache (because I'm still obssessed with those!) and some excavation tools.  I bought Dollar Tree paintbrushes and foldable toothbrushes that I painted and bound together with ribbon and a tag.  I got the idea for the tools here.
The finished gift bag!  I loved that the dino-culars hung from the side of the bag.  I think the kids loved our giftbags.  Sarah B.'s giftbags included Hello Kitty chapstick, bubbles and a super cute headband with kitty ears (made with Dollar Tree headbands and an old jacket!  I love her creativity!)  Luckily, I had a few extra giftbags because one of the girls at the party wanted a dino bag (and the Hello Kitty bag)!  Love that!

Well, that's all for today folks! I don't want to bore you with a ton of pictures all in one day :) The dino-culars and excavation tool links can also be found on my Pinterest board titled "Hagan's 5th Birthday." There are so many cute ideas for dino birthdays, take a look at my board and see if it inspires you to have a dino party!

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