Monday, July 16, 2012

Life and the Beach

We finally got all moved into our house!  It was an exhausting week, but I managed to get everything unpacked and put away before my oldest daughter, Heather, came to visit with her fiance, Jesse, and my G-baby, Kayden!  We were all super excited for the visit, especially because it included four nights at the beach!  We had a great time....I don't have many pictures, but I can assure you, EVERYONE knew our son, Hagan, before our visit was over and we got to have our great friends, Sarah and Steve B., visit with their kid crew!  So much fun!

Look really, really close and you can see the Hubster, Jesse and Steve B. holding down our tent during a lightening storm with high winds.  The only smart people on the beach {that folks, is straight up sarcasm!} ! All of us girls and kids were safely in the hotel room!  Duh.

My youngest girl, Hana, a.k.a. Nene, and I on the beach at sunset.  I think this is the only picture I have of myself with one of my kiddos!  Bad Mommy!
Please ignore the jacked up toenails and missing polish!  I can assure you that my toes did not look like that on the first day of the beach vacay!  Let's focus on the injury.  Yup, I managed to slice open the TOP of my toe while walking on the beach.  Almost tasted sand too, but recovered my fall.  However, I couldn't recover my fall when Nene and I walked to the rocks at 11pm on our last night.  I can't post pics of those injuries because then I'd have to expose you to my cellulite and upper thigh, but let me assure HURT and stung and I had to walk about four blocks back to the room.  Actually, we laughed all the way home because that's just me being me.  Injuries are inevitable. 

Post falling on the rocks, we all went to Hooters to enjoy some wings.  This is Hagan with some of the Hooters girls.  He insisted his picture be hung on the wall along with everyone elses.  He didn't realize that they are famous people in the photos, but then, in his head, he IS famous! 

Prepare yourself for gorgeous, G-Baby photos!!!  This is my Kaydie Bug :)  She's adorable, smart and hilarious.  I admit, I'm biased!  Heather bought Kayden an outfit {a lace, ruffled romper} from specifically for a beach photo shoot.  We had so much fun!  These are just some photos I snapped on my phone, the ones Heather took with her awesome camera are WAY better!
                  Just look at that happy baby!!  She's such a sweetheart!
She was more interested in picking up shells and getting in the water than posing, but I love all her expressions!

My fave picture!  Gpa {the Hubster} is holding her.  She loves him a lot.  It makes me a little jelly.  Oh well, she's all mine today!  Her 'rents went to Universal, the Hubster went to work and I'm taking her and Hagan swimming :)  Have a great day!

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