Thursday, January 10, 2013

A MINI TENT and INSANITY (per my husband)

Hello friends!  I did something crafty!  Whoop whoop!  It only took two minutes, but hey, it's a start!  If you read this post, you know I've been in a little slump lately.  I'm slowly digging myself out and let me tell is with lots of help and support from my Sarah B.  She motivates me every time we communicate (I say that because we normally talk through text, hahaha, she's a busy mommy!)  I love her!  I love my Hubster too, but currently, he thinks I'm insane.  I was on the computer a few nights ago, this was our convo:

Hubster: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Pinning ideas for The Terrorist's 6th birthday."
Hubster: "Why? There are seven months til his birthday.  You're crazy."

I'm kinda happy that he didn't see my Pinterest board for his next room!  (Hit that link to follow me!)  This post combines the two....his next room and his next birthday party.  I'm a girl who likes to plan the next house before we even find it ;)

I'm somewhat obsessed with camping at the moment.  I think I have pinned everything camping/glamping that I can find.  We used to camp All. The. Time.  Of all places, that was in Alaska.  Yes, ALASKA!  No spiders or snakes, just moose and bear and the occasional herd of buffalo.  I think about it now and I wonder, "What in the hell were we thinking taking three small girls out in the unknown camping with bears!"  Now that's INSANE!  Anyway, I want my husband to build The Terrorist his own little tent for a reading nook in his next room.  I think they are adorable!  I have also pinned those too!  There is one site with step by step instructions!  (I also would like to transition from dinosaurs to an outdoor theme)  How does all this tie into his birthday?  Well.....he told me after Christmas that he wanted a HexBug party for his next birthday.    I dare all of you to search on Pinterest for HexBug parties.  I found one cake.  It ended up just being a picture.  No website.  I hate that!  So, I guess I will be on my own brainstorming for that, but here is my master plan.  Since we will have just moved to Georgia, he may not have any friends.  (that sounds horrible, haha) So, maybe I'll invite classmates for a HexBug party, but I'll plan a family camping party in the backyard.  If we have a backyard.  I decided to make a Camping Birthday Party Kit and then came the idea to make a mini tent like the tent I want in the Terrorist's next room.

 Cute, huh?  I happen to love it.  
Cupcake Toppers {Heart}
 Food Label Tents and Cupcake Wrappers.  See my mini tent?  Rustic and simple, but adorable!
 I found a long stick and just broke it into seven, almost equal, pieces and just used hot glue to hold it together.

 Easy frame.

 I cut a strip of burlap to fit inside my frame, but you could cut it bigger if you wanted to cover the frame.
 I glued the burlap under the bottom frame pieces.
 So fun and cute!
 These mini tents are so easy to make that they could be the craft at a camping party or made before hand for centerpieces or just filler for the food table.  I'm going to work on a "glamping" party kit and will make a mini tent for it also, but I will use dowels and a pretty fabric, you know, because us girls are insane and we like stuff nice, neat and pretty!

Do you think I'm crazy for planning so far in advance for my Terrorist's next bedroom and birthday party?  I like to think I'm being prepared :)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


When I click to upload pictures, nothing comes up to let me select any pictures saved to my computer!  Anyone else having this issues or is it just me?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year A Week Late!

Seriously, Happy New Year!  It seems that "late" has been my defining word "lately."  Ha!  I'm completely ashamed about that because it is one of my biggest pet peeves in others, but it seems I have joined the always late club.  I'm NOT proud.  And to be honest with everyone....I still haven't mailed my Christmas gift to my neice.  How pathetic, huh?  Another confession...all my Christmas decor is still up...along with the tacky decorations from my Ugly, Tacky Christmas Sweater party.  I had great expectations for this morning, but had a rough night with The Terrorist, a.k.a. my son, Hagan.  He coughed all night (poor kid) and kept me and the Hubs up...ugh. 

I started to accept that this would be another unproductive day, but something in me is propelling me to blog.  So, even though I have nothing planned to talk about, I will bore you :)

I just haven't been feeling well...not like I'm sick or even a cold.  Just overall, I don't feel well.  I feel tired and blah.  I lack motivation.  I have lost my creative inspiration because I'm always tired.  Here's the news: I think I may be diabetic.  My dad had it and two of my siblings have it.  I had gestational diabetes with The Terrorist and was told flat out by the doc if I did not lose weight, exercise and eat healthy that I would develop it by 40.  Guess what?  Instead of taking that to the last five years, I gained even more weight, have been drinking too much and eating like a teenage boy.   I'm currently waiting for the doc office to open to make an appointment.  I'm ready for a change....and just keeping it real...I'm writing this as I'm eating a cheese Totinos pizza.  Yeah, really.

My goals for this year:
1) Change my eating habits.
2) Exercise.
3) Cut back on alcohol (completely if I am diabetic)
4) Blog! Blog! Blog!
5) Put my business out more: Libby Six Productions: www/
6) Find my crafting mojo!

What are your goals for 2013?  Do you make resolutions?  Here's to hopping I start mine, keep it going, lose weight, and find my inner craft goddess again :)LIBBY