Thursday, June 2, 2016

Crazy is BACK with a Passion

I am back to is a major effort on my part to save my sanity! Let me get straight to the rundown of changes that have occurred since I last blogged:

1) Hubby came home from deployment.
2) Hubby didn't retire.
3) Hubby was assigned a crappy job that has crappy hours and makes him occasionally crabby.
4) Our youngest daughter moved out.
5) Our youngest daughter moved back in and brought her boyfriend.
6) Our youngest daughter brought a dog back too (no, not referring to the boyfriend).
7) Our youngest daughter announced she's PREGNANT.
8) Our oldest daughter and two precious granddaughters moved back in with us.
9) My baby boy will be NINE and start THIRD grade. (Let my meltdown begin in 3..2..1..)

To say that life has been crazy is the understatement of the year.  Boundaries must be set! Rules must be followed! ........I'll let you know if any of that happens....

Cheers friends! Blogging and Drinking just might be the title to my new blog!
Libby ;)