Friday, April 1, 2011


As I mentioned on Wednesday, I went to Epcot yesterday with my daughter, Haley.  It rained....rained some more, thundered, lightninged, tornado watch, and rained even more.  We toughed it out, didn't think we had a choice since it was a school trip.  Still had fun, but learned one important lesson: Epcot is meant to be educational.  I should have researched it more because I was dreaming of roller coasters.  Nope, none, not a single one.  The two most exciting rides were Soaring (simulated hang-gliding) and Mission: SPACE (simulated launch to Mars).  Another of my favorites was Living with the Land, a boat tour through their greenhouse.  Amazing fruits and vegetables all grown above land and usually hanging down from pergolas.  Very cool.  We were soaked to the bone, but I'm very happy we got to experience it together and now we  learned that if we want fast....skip Epcot :)
BTW...her ticket was good until April 7th....we could have waited for a nicer day.  Oh well!  There were no lines :)

I want to show you the three projects I started and completed while I was waiting for the spray paint to dry on my projects that I showed you here.  Here are the materials I started with:  a pine board from my Ikea score, some small table legs I picked up on clearance at Lowe's ($1.38 each), a beaded basket that I had for years to hold all our twenty thousand remote controls, wood pieces from Michael's, an Ikea candle and a thingymabob from Dollar Tree:

 This beaded basket WAS really cute...til my three year old got a hold of it and disappeared under the pool table for about five minutes.

My paint samples are from Home Depot.  I wouldn't suggested buying them for craft projects because you can get similar colors cheaper from a craft store, but I have an addiction to the paint aisles at Home Depot and can't help myself.  I'm LOVING this Martha Stewart Araucana Teal.  I really, really wish my daughter, Hana, would go for a beachy bedroom because I would love this on her walls (probably hang out in her room just to stare at them) but I think we will be changing her blue-gray walls to true light gray and add purple bedding.......another project...I digress.

I painted all my pieces, but spray painted one wood block and the beaded basket after removing the beads.  I always forget to take my camera to the garage with me...
 Don't you love my handy-dandy leg holder?  A cereal box has tons of multiple your recycling!
 Once again, a paint sample from Home Depot.
 All those tiny beads almost drove me to Crazytown.  Of course, any jewelry maker (not me) would be screaming, "Save the beads!"  And I did.  For what reason, I have no idea.  Even though those tiny, tiny beads were running from me, I still saved them.  I'm sick.
This was the first coat, a blue-grey.  I just slopped it on really so that the wood would show through.  Then I slopped on the top coat, the teal (love, love, love) in the same way, so that all the colors showed.  While this was drying, I sanded and assembled the red shelf.  I used my drill to pre-drill holes for the legs, then screwed them in.  Easy peasy.

Did I mention that I am in love with this teal color?  I sanded all the pieces with Hana's help.  Next, I used my trusty hot glue gun (that I left on ALL night!  Boo me!) to assemble my wood "frames."  I got this idea from Shanty2Chic.  I used mini clothespins that I found at Walmart in the office section instead of the clips they used.  They were on clearance...score!

 Everything on my shelf was found around my home.  I'm not really loving it, but right now I am using it for a centerpiece for my dining table.  I may have to add different legs because this is reminding me of those shelves that you can buy to put over sink....know which one I'm talking about??  Not really a if I re-do this, I will post it.  Plus, it's kind of tall and I added more things under it that you can see here.

 I got this idea from cleaverly inspired.  Really check out her PB lantern knockoffs.  I really, really want to make some!!!!  I wasn't really sure what to do with the ruined beaded basket, but then her idea popped into my head and I went with it.  I just happened to have that little square piece of wood for another project and I bought a ton of those thingymabobs from Dollar Tree because I liked them.  None of these materials are attached, just sitting on one another.  I didn't want to commit......but I really like it :)
Now my head is spinning with some projects to do this weekend.  I have a humongous piece of particle board that I want to turn into a chalkboard for my son's room......I really hope I can make that happen this weekend, but trimming bushes and working in the back yard are a priority.  

Did I mention that my husband is currently overseas?  It's weekends like this that make me truly appreciate what he gets accomplished around here....  

Have a Fabulous Friday,


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You have created some beautiful pieces!! Funny about the beads and my little one would have made short work of them too.

  2. Thank you Jessa Irene! I loved your shabby chic spring table setting. It looked great and I liked the mismatched napkins. Fun and elegant!


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