Thursday, June 23, 2011

HOME SWEET HOME...not really, but I'm trying to be positive

I am home!  I wasn't really ready to leave Kansas, Heather or Kayden, but my husband insisted that the dog couldn't live at the kennel all summer.....damn dog :)  I'm sure Bosco wouldn't mind staying in an air conditioned pen, it's not like he's been living the hard life while we were gone! 
My niece (more like bratty little sister), Randa Bliss, came back with me.  She'll be visiting for a week and I plan to drag her into my crafts.  It won't be too hard, you may have read about her blog, From the Random World of a Free Bird, on my blog before.  She's pretty creative too.  This is the first project we are going to tackle:

You all know that I {HEART} Viv from The V Spot and she made faux coral out of salt dough.  Check out her post about it here.  I.  HAVE.  TO.  MAKE.  THIS!!!!  You remember my starfish that I made using a tutorial from Craftberry Bush, well, now I need some faux coral to match my faux starfish!!!! 

I better wait a day before I start hounding Randa to make it with me....she's still recovering from the trauma she sustained by witnessing my road rage.  But c'mon men!  Really!??  You get THAT irate, threatened and insecure when being passed by a woman????  Men, before you get on an interstate again, pull your panties out of your butt, ask your wife to get your balls out of her purse, and drive safely using the head attached to your neck.  Seriously! It's not okay to to act like that when I am transporting precious cargo....mama bear came out in full force!  And Hagan may have learned a not so nice word....

I'm off to learn yoga or meditation or how to breathe......
Libby ;)   

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