Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 3 of the Photo Fun Challenge is "Black and White"
A black and white sign for my daughter.  The rest of the sign isn't really appropriate to share, but it is a sign that makes us laugh.  "Epic" has been quite the popular expression lately and we like to use it in jest.  We saw this sign on Pinterest and just had to make it :)  Join me tomorrow for another photo!  Previous days below:

Hi everyone!  I'm doing a 30 day photo challenge along with Jacque from Jacque's Soda Parlor.  I thought it sounded like a lot of fun!  You can find her button right over there -------> if you want to join in :)  I will also be making other post though :)

Day 1 Challenge was a portrait (by the way, I'm a day late, it started yesterday)
Just woke up....and yes, my hair looks like that when I wake up, after I wash it, and everyday *sigh*  

Day 2 challenge was something blue
Just a little sneak peak into my 'Stache Bash that is happening next weekend :)  I'm having so much fun making the decor!

Have a fabulous Friday and I'll see you tomorrow!

Libby :)


  1. Thanks Libby for linking up. The way you've done it is rather cute too. I like how you have the challenge all in one post. It definitely makes things a lot more organized for you! :)

  2. Hey Libby, I featured you on the 30 Day Photo Fun Party! Feel free to stop by and grab a feature button.

    Thanks for joining me!

    Jacque :)


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