Friday, September 2, 2011

The Craft Gods Love Me Today

So....the idea was to make a chevron chalkboard....FAIL!
The frame is too narrow and my spray paint got under the stencil (really bad, left side, see what I mean?)  What's a girl to do??  Slap on MORE paint!
Spray painted the whole thing Krylon's Ivory Gloss, painted the middle with three coats of chalkboard this where the Craft Gods smiled down on me....I really, really didn't want to get the drill out to make the holes to add the knobs (I'm lazy like that, and I like short cuts).  Turn the piece over and what do you know!?  Two holes!  Although they weren't all the way through (I think they were for the shelves since this is a side of a small bookcase).  Next step...look for something sharp to go all the way through (told you I was lazy).  Guess what I found in the junk drawer?  A door stopper!  You know, the ones that prevent your door from slamming through the wall, with the little rubber thingy on the end?  Worked like a charm :)

Hung it up and called it a day!  My craft/guest room is coming along! 

Libby :)


  1. I love anything chalkboard. I don't know why! :) I love your wall hanging. Great job!


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