Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall IS NOT In The Air...But It's In MY House!

I went crazy in Dollar their inexpensive, ok dirt cheap, fall decor!  Also, I went to JoAnn's the next day and let me tell you...they had the same little black crows for $6.99!!!!  I'd rather pay a dollar, sorry JoAnn's!  (I did find lots of other goodies (fabric) and fall was 40% off (but still didn't buy any seasonal crap). 

I bought a few plastic bowls and two candlesticks at Dollar Tree, sprayed them (and everything else I had on hand) Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze (love it!).  Here was the process:

Hot glued them together

hot glued the camdlestick on (I didn't want it to be permanent)
Pumpkins, glue sticks and spanish moss from Dollar Tree too

shoved crumbled newspaper in bottom of bowl, add hard cardboard, then moss

Crap load of hot glue to keep pumpkin centered

Love it and the bowls remind me of cornstalks!
I picked up these two baskets at JoAnn's for 50% off, sprayed my candle stick ORB and used E6000 to glue it all together.  I'm really in love with these baskets and will find lots of use for them after fall.

Other fall displays around my home:

Thanks for visiting and Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!!!


  1. This is fantastic! So cute, I have not been to a Dollar Tree store for awhile. I will make a special trip thought, great ideas!

  2. I love the stacked pumpkins. What a wonderful idea!!

  3. Love your pumpkins and don't you love all the fantastic stuff you can find at the $ store? Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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