Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pottery Barn Like Message Center

*Update*  If I was so psyched when I made this project...I'm super psyched now~!  I entered this project into One Month To Win It!  Go check it out!   One Month To Win It

I'm so psyched!  About a week ago I bought another "as is" bundle from Ikea for $10 (love those!!), and there were three paneled doors (very light weight) that go on one of their free standing closet systems (in with a foot board and various other pieces).  I knew exactly what I was going to do with them right when I saw them!
It's about seven feet long, but I didn't actually measure it (that would have required me to look for the measuring tape).

Close up of the panels and some small damage.  Didn't bother me, I'm going to cover it up.

Laid out all my accessories I wanted to add and I had to cut down the four squares of cork board to make them fit.

Once again used my fave Martha stencil to add some color to the middle panel.

This is the first time I have tried Martha paint.  I normally go with the low end acrylic, but the "high gloss" appealed to me and I love this color (Geranium).

Everything painted and adhered.  I'm not going to lie.....the stencil kicked my ass!  It was so hard to do next to the raised edges.  I ended up free-handing the edges.  A close up pic is coming...don't judge!  :)

I painted some cardboard letters with the Martha paint to fill in the weird spot left over from not wanting to have too many pieces of cork board put together like a puzzle (not attractive)

And.....the close up.  Yeah, it's bad, real bad.

I love it though!  I'm going to make the other two panels (however, they are a little narrower), and try to sell them.  My daughter, Heather , and my niece both want one, but no way am I hauling them to Kansas!  Heather was visiting me (and with me) when I purchased the bundle and she was NOT happy about the giant pieces looming over her and Kayden's heads while driving home.  She is such a sweet sister, I just KNOW she wouldn't wish that on her little brother during our drive to Kansas over the Christmas holiday (*please note the heavy sarcasm*).

What would you price this at if you were selling it?

Libby :)


  1. I saw this on I Heart Naptime. Thanks for inspiring me with your inspiration board!

  2. Fantastic re-use! Your stencil is fine, don't be so hard on yourself :)

    I couldn't find your followers button, so I'll add your blog to google reader. Looking forward to following your creative ideas.


  3. That came out great! What a fabulous place to organize your thoughts. I am a new follower from the Sundae Scoop. Vicky @

  4. What a wonderful project. I hope you win!

  5. Beautiful! I have to go through that section at Ikea!

  6. I am in loooove with this!! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI! Be sure to put the button or text link in your post or sidebar -- don't want you to be disqualified!! :)

  7. Thanks Angie! Did know, just to cover myself :)

  8. What a clever idea! For pricing purposes, start with figuring out exactly how much it costs to produce each one (i.e. divide the cost of the can of paint by how many projects it makes). Then figure out how long it took you to make it, including going out to purchase the supplies, etc. Decide how much money your time is worth (i.e. $10/hr). Then add all of this together and viola! you have your selling price.


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