Wednesday, October 26, 2011


...Love it or leave it, you better gain way....{Now you'll be singing that song all day, or at least have it stuck in your head, hee hee}.  I have no idea why Vanilla Ice is in my head this morning, but that line in the song had some meaning today.  I had  another craft fail.  I wanted to make a sweet sign for the hubby, he has been in a little bit of a funk {we lost Bosco to cancer last week}.  So, I was trying to make two signs using the die cut letters like I did HERE, one for us to keep and one to sell {hopefully}; however...FAIL.  I was trying to quote my hubby and I's "song," Everything I Do by Bryan Adams {Hello! Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves}, but I forgot one crucial word:, IT.  I knew I wanted a warm wood color either in the letters or the board, love that look, the rustic with a crisp white.  I can probably still sell this because it does make sense, just not the correct verse for us :)  I also learned that if you use a stain over spray paint, the spray paint comes off and gets all mixed with the stain {at least mine did}.  

So, I thought, okay, I'll use two boards from a pallet and still use the spray painted die cut letters.  That didn't work either, the letters were too big for my pallet boards and I really wanted to use the boards because, hello, they were awesomely junky and aged.  I ended up free-handing the letters.  Here it is:

Love this board and the details

Rusty nails! 

 It's going to live here for now until the lanai is cleaned next week and then it will live outside where it can get an even more weathered look.  Back to the deep, meaningful words of Vanilla Ice....something I didn't love gave way to something I really love and free-handing the letters turned out better than using the die cut letters...there was a problem, and YO! I solved it!  Sorry, I know, I'm LAME :)  Have an awesome Wednesday! 

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  1. I love this! I even love the version that is missing the IT in it. :)

  2. F A B U L O U S ~ What a Clever & Creative Treasure...

  3. I love how you turned this one around :)
    The pallet boards look great and I love the rusty nail! Great idea, thanks for sharing.
    I'm a new follower too!
    (oh, I found you at the Stuff and Nonsense link party)

  4. Love the song and the movie!!! Cute sign. What a great way to decorate with meaning. (visiting from TT&J)

  5. It definitely wasn't a failure, it was an opportunity to create something even nicer and more personalized by freehanding it.

    Thanks for linking to my first party! I really appreciate your support.

  6. Great sign and song too! Thanks for linking your project to Potpourri Friday!

  7. I love making my own signs! They are always so costly online and in shops and making it myself also means that I get it exactly how I want it. Great job!

  8. This has charm, character and a great, great message...all rolled into one!

    It will get better and better as it weathers more and more.

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.


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